Solenoid Valve Videos

Solenoid Valve Basics by Tim Hunkin

Here is an older, but informative (and funny!) video clip explaining how solenoid valves function. This video clip is from the Washing Machine episode of the British TV series The Secret Life of Machines. The gentleman in the video is Mr. Tim Hunkin. I would like to thank Mr. Hunkin for allowing us to post this educational video on our site! If you are interested in more of Mr. Hunkin's work, please visit his site at


Direct-Acting Solenoid Valve Animation

This animation will help you understand the basic operation principles of a direct-acting solenoid valve. Visit our Valve Basics page for more information on how solenoid valves work.


Manufacturing of Solenoid Valves by Gevax

This fast-paced video shows many of the steps and processes that go into solenoid valve manufacturing. This video is courtesy of Gevax Fluid Control Systems located in Turkey. Click here to visit Gevax's website.


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