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Direct-acting, semi-direct acting, pilot-operated, pinching-type, latching-type, normally open, and normally closed valves are all different types (or sub-types) of solenoid valves. Knowing the basics about each type will help you to choose the correct one for your application.

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Solenoid valves are key components in various devices, machinery, and equipment from refrigerators to street sweepers, from automatic faucets to industrial processing equipment. We are very excited to help you find the correct information!

Solenoid Valve Definition
What is a solenoid valve? Solenoid valve definition can be found on this page.
Solenoid Valve Basics
How does a solenoid valve work? This page provides you with an introduction to solenoid valves.
Solenoid Valve Types
Solenoid Valve Types
Solenoid Valve Seals
Learn about the most common materials used for solenoid valve seals.
Solenoid Valve Coils
Solenoid valve coils come with variety of options. This page discusses some of the most common solenoid valve coil options.
Solenoid Valve Threads and Specifications
This page explains the most common solenoid valve threads used in the inlet and outlet ports. Threads per inch and outside diameters are given for both NPT and BSP threads.
Solenoid Valve Terminology
You will find the most common Solenoid Valve Terminology on this page.
Solenoid Valve Videos
A collection of solenoid valve videos.
Solenoid Valve FAQ
Solenoid valve FAQ. The most common solenoid valve related questions are ansered on these pages.
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Solenoid Valve Projects
People use solenoid valves for all kinds of projects. This pages features solenoid valve projects submitted by visitors. A must see for all do-it-yourselfers! Want to share your project?
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